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The leaves turn red. Your hands shouldn’t.

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When the temperature drops our hands are the first to feel dry, rough and chapped. It’s time to take the gloves off and combat dry hands once and for all. Here is our list of culprits for zapping moisture from hands and their fixes. Moisture Zapper: Harsh Hand Soaps Hand washing is a necessity to […]

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Posted by & filed under Our Story.

Have you taken a good look in your medicine cabinet lately? Chances are, it could use some updating as the weather turns cooler. Lighter lotions can be swapped for more emollient rich creams with protective healing power. It’s also a good time to look into using a universal relief ointment, a skin remedy that can be […]

Baby skin Q&A with dermatologist Dr. Seemal Desai

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What are some quick tips for managing baby eczema? One of the most important things is to be consistent. Moisturize with the same products consistently, bathe with the same temperature water consistently, and use the same skin care practices consistently. It is easier said than done but I think it’s so important! How often should you […]

Eczema & the Skinfix Journey

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October is Eczema Awareness Month. There are over 36 million people in North America living with this itchy, red and uncomfortable skin condition. Six years ago, Amy Regan was actively looking for a steroid free option to use on her daughter’s eczema. She truly believed that there was a better way to heal her daughter’s skin […]

Soothing Eczema Naturally

Posted by & filed under Our Story.

Imagine being physically uncomfortable in your skin. Not being able to sleep at night because you can’t relieve your itch or hiding your eczema flare-up with a long-sleeved shirt. Eczema treatments are as unique as the individuals who are living with this condition. What works for one person might not for someone else. At Skinfix […]

Eczema Awareness Month: Jack’s Story

Posted by & filed under Our Story.

Meet 10-year old Jack. He’s had eczema his whole life. His family tried everything to heal his skin; from using creams that didn’t work, to wrapping his hands in cellophane, to changing his diet to only chicken and rice. Nothing worked. Jack’s itchy, cracked and bleeding skin were affecting all aspects of his life. Skinfix […]

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