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Posts Tagged: eczema awareness

Keeping your feet happy and moisturized this winter

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What happens to the skin on your feet during winter, and why?  Skin on the feet tends to be the driest, thickest and roughest on the body due to constant pressure from walking and standing, as well as friction from footwear. Winter’s cold temperatures and low humidity, coupled with dry indoor heating can potentially suck […]

Baby skin Q&A with dermatologist Dr. Seemal Desai

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What are some quick tips for managing baby eczema? One of the most important things is to be consistent. Moisturize with the same products consistently, bathe with the same temperature water consistently, and use the same skin care practices consistently. It is easier said than done but I think it’s so important! How often should you […]

Soothing Eczema Naturally

Posted by & filed under Our Story.

Imagine being physically uncomfortable in your skin. Not being able to sleep at night because you can’t relieve your itch or hiding your eczema flare-up with a long-sleeved shirt. Eczema treatments are as unique as the individuals who are living with this condition. What works for one person might not for someone else. At Skinfix […]

Eczema Awareness Month: Jack’s Story

Posted by & filed under Our Story.

Meet 10-year old Jack. He’s had eczema his whole life. His family tried everything to heal his skin; from using creams that didn’t work, to wrapping his hands in cellophane, to changing his diet to only chicken and rice. Nothing worked. Jack’s itchy, cracked and bleeding skin were affecting all aspects of his life. Skinfix […]

Eczema, Steroid Phobia & Natural Alternatives

Posted by & filed under Our Story.

By Dr. Angela Donald, Naturopathic Doctor and Director of Medical Affairs Millions of people suffer from eczema, yet a surprising number of people have a phobia of the most commonly recommended treatment for eczema flare ups: steroids. In fact, research reveals that over 70% of patients have steroid phobia! Patients are concerned by the potential […]

Our Hero Ingredients

Posted by & filed under Our Story.

With Eczema Awareness month well underway, there is no better time to have a conversation about what makes the Skinfix Soothing Collection for Eczema so unique. The original Skinfix formula was created in British Pharmacopia over 150 years ago, where the original compound chemist relied on nature’s pharmacy to create a soothing ‘miracle’ balm to […]

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